Teacher Tools – School Plan – 1Year Membership

£5.99 per member

Introducing our School Plan products – a streamlined way for teams to access our resources. Here’s how it works:

1) Purchase a School Plan and assign a team name. This becomes the identifier for your group of accounts.
2) The purchasing account automatically becomes the Team Manager and has the authority to distribute the available accounts to other school members.
3) The Team Manager has the authority to add or remove accounts from the team. If an account is removed, it results in the loss of membership and, consequently, loss of access to our tools, even though the website account remains active.
4) The expiration of the Team Manager’s membership coincides with the expiration of all group memberships.
5) Renewal is simple. The Team Manager just needs to repurchase the School Plan product with the appropriate number of seats. This renews the membership of all group members for an additional year.

Manage your team’s access to theEducator.ai’s tools easily and efficiently with our School Plan products.

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