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Jason Lear

Further Education Consultant & Tutor

As an associate consultant and tutor in the educational sector with a keen eye for technological advancements, I must say Educator AI has been a great addition to my tool kit. I've had the privilege of integrating this application into both my post-16 education curricula and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops for fellow educators. The impact? Time saving and immediate.

Let's start with the user interface, intuitive, sleek, and efficient. This is a platform that understands the multi-faceted roles of an educator and caters to them with a suite of finely tuned tools. Whether you're drafting a comprehensive lesson plan or conducting detailed reviews, Educator AI offers features that are not just user-friendly but also remarkably effective. The review tool can be a bit inconsistent but still gets me to the start line much quicker than my now cast aside manual process.

My personal favourite, the Explainer Tool. This is where Educator AI really showcases its edge in educational technology. The ability to adjust the reading age and receive finely calibrated responses is not just a time-saver, but a pedagogical marvel. It allows for real-time differentiation, enabling me to tailor content to meet the diverse needs of my learners. In today's educational landscape where personalisation is key, this feature is not most valuable to me but most valuable to those that matters most, my learners.

With pricing that ranges from just £5.99 to £24.99 per user, per year, Educator AI will not break the bank. Even if you find that you're utilising just one or two of its tools, the investment is entirely justifiable.

Mr D J O’Neill

Head of MFL, Sidmouth College

Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant. If you can think of it, theEducator.ai can do it. I’ve been using it for a week now and keep thinking of new ways to use it. I love how clearly the website is laid out and the way that it takes away the scary uncertainty of ai leaving you with only the positive time-saving benefits. Great that it outputs to Word to allow for easy editing. Can not recommend highly enough.

Ollie Hickman

Teacher, Exeter Road Community Primary School

This, theeducator.ai, is a game changer! For me, some ai tools are evidently ai. This has a human feel to it, particularly the report writer and the email responder. As a primary school teacher working across EYFS, KS1 and KS2, these tools provide fantastic starting points and will definitely save me some admin time. I am recommending my colleagues to take a look too, being able to quickly flesh out an assembly is exactly the kind of thing that leaders sometimes need last minute. With school staffing structures and budgets under increased pressures, theeducator.ai could be just the thing that is needed to alleviate that.

Welcome to theEducator.ai!

Welcome to theEducator.ai, your one-stop platform for AI-powered educational tools designed to empower educators across all subjects and age ranges. Our robust suite of innovative applications is geared towards easing your workload, enhancing productivity, and bolstering staff wellbeing.

From generating bulk student reports in mere seconds, offering instant written feedback on assignments, to drafting lesson plans, sourcing inspiring lesson content, creating policy documents, and swiftly planning assemblies, theEducator.ai is committed to revolutionising the teaching experience.

With our tools, you'll gain more time for what truly matters - imparting knowledge and nurturing young minds.

Take a moment to watch our short introductory video to witness theEducator.ai in action, and dive into the multitude of features below to learn how we can transform your educational journey.

Leverage the power of AI in education with theEducator.ai, and make the smart move towards an efficient, fulfilling teaching experience.

Generate a Set of Individualised Class Reports In Seconds!

Report Writing

Unleash the potential of AI with theEducator.ai to effortlessly generate tailor-made class reports! It's simple, fill out a short form with the relevant student details and let our advanced AI do the rest. Need to draft reports for an entire class? Not a problem! Fill out individual forms for each student and with just a click, theEducator.ai will initiate the writing process, generating unique reports in seconds.

And we've made it even more convenient for you! If completing multiple forms sounds a bit tedious, don't fret! You can upload a spreadsheet with all your students' details and theEducator.ai will populate each form for you. Say goodbye to time-consuming report writing and welcome the efficient, AI-powered world of theEducator.ai! Your time-saving solution for personalised student reports is just a few clicks away.


Compose Personalised Written Feedback for Your Class, En Masse, At Lightning Speed!

Exhausted from the time-draining process of providing feedback on student work? Allow theEducator.ai to ease your burden with our dual-pronged solution.

Our first feature allows you to input a single question along with your class' responses. In no time at all, theEducator.ai will generate personalised feedback for each student's answer.

Alternatively, you can enter a complete set of assessment questions along with a student's responses to each question. In mere moments, theEducator.ai will deliver high-quality feedback for every single answer.

Transform the tedious task of evaluating student work into a breeze with TheEducator.AI. Discover the efficiency of AI-powered feedback and focus your precious time where it's needed most - fostering your students' learning journey.


Our Toolbox is Ever-Expanding! Here's a Quick Glimpse into Additional Offerings!


Report Writing

Let theEducator.ai relieve your stress levels and write student reports for you, in bulk!
Excel upload supported.


Answer Feedback

Let theEducator.ai write feedback for your students' answers to a single question, in bulk!
Excel upload supported.


Exam Marker

Let theEducator.ai provide feedback for a series of answers to a set of exam questions!
Excel upload supported.


Lesson Plans

Let theEducator.ai create inspirational plans for your lessons. 



Let theEducator.ai create an assessment for your class, with answers to boot!


Lesson Inspiration

Let theEducator.ai inspire new ideas to progress your student's learning experience.


Concept Explainer

Let theEducator.ai explain difficult concepts, aiding your delivery of challenging topics.



Let theEducator.ai provide you with thought provoking pedagogy strategies and guidance.


Policy Writing

Let theEducator.ai write you an example policy document, for your school to customise.


Grammar Genius

Let theEducator.ai check your writing and provide you with an improved version.


Assembly Wizard

Let theEducator.ai plan out and write you an assembly on any given topic.


SOW Planning

Let theEducator.ai suggest ideas and content for a series of lessons, on a given topic.


Letter Wizard

Let theEducator.ai write your school letters! (coming next)

email (1)

Email Responder

Let theEducator.ai draft a response to those tricky parent emails.

presentation (1)

Presentation Wizard

Let theEducator.ai create a downloadable lesson presentation.


Data Analyser

Let theEducator.ai number crunch your spreadsheet data.


URL to Resource

Enter a URL and let theEducator.ai create a teaching resource based on its content!

...with many more on the way!

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