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Every '' account is issued with a 'single-user' license. This stipulates that the account, along with any content generated through the platform, is exclusively for the use of the individual to whom the account was registered, specifically for their role as a teacher. As per this condition, it is prohibited to share the account details with others.

The accuracy, relevance, and applicability of the content generated by AI should always be assessed and validated by the user. Computer Science UK and its product,, assume no liability for the content deemed unsuitable or any decisions or actions taken based on the use of this AI-assisted content. Your vigilance and judicious discretion are paramount in ensuring the responsible and effective utilisation of our digital tools.

Furthermore, with regards to copyright concerns, it is essential to note that AI-generated content can potentially interact with existing copyrighted material in unexpected ways. Despite our efforts to ensure originality, the nature of AI and machine learning models means that they may generate content which inadvertently appears similar to, or borrows from, copyrighted works. Computer Science UK and bear no responsibility for any infringement of copyright law resulting from the use of AI-generated content. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the use of the generated content complies with all relevant copyright laws and regulations.

GDPR Data Protection / GDPR Policy:

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